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Register as expert or business and confirm your email.


Find the service you need or post a job offer to receive quotes. Pay to start you order and submit the requirements


Wait for your delivery. If you don't like the delivery, reasonnably request modification, the seller will be happy to help .

4 Most asked questions

What is SevisPlus ?

SevisPlusis an online marketplace for digital Services. Businesses and experts in any country can buy a sell services using our platform.

Do I need a membership to buy ?

No . When your you are placing the order we charge a 5% service fee if you are buying with an payment gateway. Service fees are not applied to your balance credits.

Is it safe and secure ?

We don't save your credit card information and we use 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your personal information.

What about my money ?

The seller will get paid only when you approve the delivery. Your money is safe with us.